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Know Your Home's Electrical System
How does your home's electrical system work?

How does your home's electrical system work?

Electricity is like water. We've come to take it for granted in our daily lives. It empowers us to live comfortably, work better, and enjoy our entertainment options more fully than ever before. The more we come to understand how electricity works inside and outside of our home, the more we come to appreciate how it affects our lives every day.

Your home's electrical system includes incoming power lines, electric meter, service panel, subpanels, household wiring, electrical boxes, receptacles (or outlets), switches, and the appliances that put the power to work, such as televisions, fans, stoves, and automatic dishwashers. Other electrical systems in a home include communications wiring for entertainment systems, audio, video, doorbells, telephones, security systems, and intercoms.

Electrical Nightmares

Choosing an Electrical Professional
  • What makes an "Excellent Electrical Professional Different"

    Know Your Home’s Electrical System
  • How does your home’s electrical system work?
  • How power comes into your home
  • Electrical Receptacles

    How Safe is Your Home From an Electrical Emergency?

    Does Your Home Need a Power Safety Audit?

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